Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Problem

Emma has a problem. The world is her oyster....(or so she thinks) and her oyster just got a little smaller in the name of parental sanity and baby safety.
She is a sweet little thing, but loves to be chased and boy can she move quick for a crawler.
Here is emma exploring her little world...

She LOVES the bathroom. What is it with babies and bathrooms? She loves the stool addison uses to wash her hands, the toilet (of course) and most of all, unraveling an entire roll of toilet paper. This is any easy fix...we keep the bathroom door shut. The real problem is this...

Every chance she gets she is on the stairs. We had two dining room chairs blocking them for a bit but she cruised right through that road block. So, now we brought out the big guns.
Look at that little face...if she could talk in full sentences, I would imagine she would say, "Um, there seems to be a misunderstanding. Someone left this gate here on accident." But, what is really going on in that head is a careful plan to houdini through it....

Oh yeah, Maddy has a new problem too....
Poor girl, babies really cramp a dogs style.

So, my TOP 5 (someone needs to invent) Baby Inventions:

1. Baby Stairmaster (this could help with nap issues as well...just sayin')
2. Baby toilet paper roller thing to let them unroll all the toilet paper their little hearts desire (and then roll it back up automatically)...could work for cats too!
3. Knee pads for those babies who REFUSE to walk, even thought they can (emma)
4. The "How to Make a Baby Belly Laugh for Hours" DVD by Chris girls think he is the funniest man on the planet.

and finally...
5. A third arm attachment for moms...cause we can all use an extra hand when we are trying to feed a baby, help another one go potty and let the dog out all at the same time :)

BTW-you can now post comments and NOT have to fill out a google profile. Just choose Anonymous.
I love comments....hint, hint.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Signs of Summer

I love summer time. It's my favorite season. I know it's incredibly hot in NC but I love it. I love going to the beach, pool, lake....basically anywhere with water.

There are certain signs that summer is getting closer, here are some of my favorites:

Harris Teeter starts offering marinated chicken kabobs again...honey ginger is amazing (fyi)

Sound of the lawnmower running morning and evening

Smell of neighbors grilling out.

Chilly in the morning when you leave your house, and sweltering by the afternoon

Hearing..."Mommy, is the pool open yet" two thousand times a week....till it opens.
Bathing suits on mannequins everywhere....

Bathing suit anxiety.

I think I covered it all the senses. Taste, sound, smell, feel and PANIC!

What is your favorite sign of summer?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet the Family

I know everyone reading this blog will know us, but I still feel as though some introductions are needed.

Chelsea and Chris
Interest include: running after two very active little girls, exercising, travel and cooking (let's be honest....Chris has interest in cooking, I do not).

Interest include: playing princess, play pretend, play with friends,play with Addison dictates her "hobbies" to me , let me sum this up for you....she LOVES to play. She also plays soccer and attends preschool. Kindergarten in July! More to come on that!
Interest include: playing with Addison, climbing stairs, anything with water and she is pretty big on drooling these days too.

Interest include: sitting under high chair, waiting for food to drop, lounging in sun, barking at anything walking by.

So, that's it for my first post! Many more to come and I hope you enjoy!