Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! What is my resolution? BLOG more. We will see.
For now I have some pictures to start your new year off on the right foot...with a smile. We spent New Years in Ohio (obviously, the place to be for New Years). It was better than Times Square. Good friends, lots of fun and endless entertainment provided by three energetic kiddos. You can't beat that NYC!

Meet Emma and William.
 Hung out together as infants and reunited at New Years 2012 after a year hiatus, which in babies time is a lifetime in development differences.  Needless to say they have much more in common now they are both hovering the age of 2 (Emma, 22 months and William turned 2 in October).
**After they turn two I quit counting in months...its a rule, follow it. Please don't tell me your kid is 48 months, they are 4.

 There was no shyness, no tantrums, no hesitation. It was like no time had passed. Best buds from the start!
Their hobbies during our trip to visit included:


Stroller rides for two, in a one person stroller.

And, the best (and loudest)....they started a band.

It wasn't too long before Addison joined in the fun and we had a full three piece band (drums, harmonica and tamborine).

And wasn't too long until Chris joined in. The kids were happy to shift to back up dancers. Well, except for Emma. She still wanted the drums. (We made Emma and Chris take turns).

I always say...taking the kids on a trip is just that...a TRIP, not a vacation. But everywhere we take them we have a great time and this was no exception. Well, except for some extra tylenol to counteract the drumset.

Happy New Year! I hope you have a wondeful year full of trips, vacations, fun with family and friends and most of all happiness!