Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mother Knows Best

Addison often ask me questions I don't know the correct answers to, as kids do. She is persistent though and will not be pushed aside with anything but an answer. I admire her desire for knowledge and hope she keeps this though out her life. I am also amazed at how easily she accepts my responses (true or maybe not). I am her mother and she think I know everything about everything, so when I give her an answer (other than "no" for sweets) that is her end all, be all.
I can't help but wonder (yes, that was a Carrie Bradshaw moment) how long this will last? How long until she starts to question my responses or knowledge? Even worse, when does she CORRECT me for the real right answer.

Some questions, I really don't know the answer to:

Addison: Mom, is it going to rain today?
Me: (I went with the weatherman's way here) It might.
Not good enough...
Addison: Mom, I really need to know.
Me: Yes, Addison it will rain today.
Addison: Okay, I will go get my raincoat.

She has already asked some tough ones:

Addison: Why is Nana never coming back?
Me: She is surviving in the sky with God. She loves it up there and feels no pain anymore.

Addison: How do 3D glasses work?
Me: Ask your father.

Some...I flat out lie about:

Addison: Mommy, what does that sign say?
COTTON CANDY SOLD HERE! (at local fair)
Me: It says you should brush your teeth every night and every morning.
Addison: Okay.

I love that she assumes I know everything. I love being the one (or one of the few) that is the one who will give her the answers to questions she will ask.

I do know the day is coming when she will not believe the answer I give her and she will seek them herself. This is unavoidable I know...but something else I have noticed. She asks my opinion as well, not just the answer but my opinion about the answer. So, since I can't be her "end all, be all" answer forever, I can be an opinion she can respect and trust.

I think she is already is suspicious about some of my answers (cotton candy, see above). But also values my opinion, see below:

Continued from cotton candy conversation:
Addison: What is that picture next to the sign (picture of cotton candy).
Me: (Pause) It's Cotton candy... They have some there but it's not good for your teeth and body, so they are reminding you to brush your teeth. I like for my teeth and body to be healthy, so I feel good.
Addison: Yeah, I don't even like cotton candy (yes, she does) I want to be healthy like you! Right, mommy?
Me: Yes!

That day will come when she knows that I don't know everything, but for now I will enjoy it...and take advantage of that and the fact she can't read yet.

Here is that little gal now...turning into a beautiful young lady!

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Summer said...

That was an awesome post. You will not be able to fool that smart child for long!