Monday, October 17, 2011

Picture Perfect

I know, I know...I have neglected my poor little blog. Honestly, it's like having another job! But, I am back and with me I bring some precious pictures to share with you. These were taken during our beach vacation in August by my fabulous friend Summer Triompo. She is an amazing photographer with some very fun "visions" for photo shoots. Some of these "visions" proved to be a bit trickier to pull off than expected but nonetheless we carried them through and here are a couple of the end results.

These are a few of my very favorites! These look so fun and easy-breezy...that is how you know a good photographer because "easy breezy" was not what was going on behind the scenes here. More like a three ring circus and an impending hurricane.
God bless photographers who take pictures of families with young children.

More to come on this...

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Summer said...

Thank you friend. Please post more--I need to keep up with the Dales.