Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family Picture...FAIL

Most people pictures are hard with children. Sometimes they are hard with just adults...
So here is my attempt at a picture for our Christmas card.

"Oh look! Geese! Everyone Look!

"Okay, now everyone smile"
Chris: "Wait...what?"


 In short, these will not be the pictures used for our Christmas card this year :).

There was one success of this photo shoot...and this was it.

I lied...two successes! Here is the other of the girls with their Nini and Papa. My girls are so lucky to have two sets of wonderful grandparents they get to see so often. 


Anonymous said...

What a Handsome Grandfather.

Shelly.Castorina said...

So glad to see an update on the blog. I just checked the other day. The pictures are adorable!