Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet the Family

I know everyone reading this blog will know us, but I still feel as though some introductions are needed.

Chelsea and Chris
Interest include: running after two very active little girls, exercising, travel and cooking (let's be honest....Chris has interest in cooking, I do not).

Interest include: playing princess, play pretend, play with friends,play with Addison dictates her "hobbies" to me , let me sum this up for you....she LOVES to play. She also plays soccer and attends preschool. Kindergarten in July! More to come on that!
Interest include: playing with Addison, climbing stairs, anything with water and she is pretty big on drooling these days too.

Interest include: sitting under high chair, waiting for food to drop, lounging in sun, barking at anything walking by.

So, that's it for my first post! Many more to come and I hope you enjoy!


Russ said...

This is such a great idea, I may steal it so that all our family and friends can keep up with us!! How long did it take to set up? The girls are getting so big! We should all try to get together soon!
Take care

Summer said...

mmm...what about Maddy and the fish? They didn't make the blog! So excited that the blog is finally off the keep it going. -Summer

Stacy said...

Great first entry! I can't wait to see what's next!

CD said...

I am furious that I did not make the blog! I have been through so many bowl changes, forgotten to fed, and dropped into luke warm water just inches away from the swirling blades of death know as the garbage disposal! On top of that- Addison thinks I am a girl and named me "Purple Light Up" This is BS- I swear I am going to make at a run at the toilet next chance I get. All drains lead to the ocean baby!! I'm coming Nemo!!!

The Fish
AKA: Shellshocked Dale( much cooler than Purple Light Up)