Monday, April 18, 2011

Signs of Summer

I love summer time. It's my favorite season. I know it's incredibly hot in NC but I love it. I love going to the beach, pool, lake....basically anywhere with water.

There are certain signs that summer is getting closer, here are some of my favorites:

Harris Teeter starts offering marinated chicken kabobs again...honey ginger is amazing (fyi)

Sound of the lawnmower running morning and evening

Smell of neighbors grilling out.

Chilly in the morning when you leave your house, and sweltering by the afternoon

Hearing..."Mommy, is the pool open yet" two thousand times a week....till it opens.
Bathing suits on mannequins everywhere....

Bathing suit anxiety.

I think I covered it all the senses. Taste, sound, smell, feel and PANIC!

What is your favorite sign of summer?

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Summer said...

Yay! POST #2 --I think it is time to share it with your closest friends on Facebook! My favorite sign of summer...mmm..I think it sitting on my porch and looking at magazines. I also like taking a stroll around the neighborhood-