Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Fab Five

My first post of my favorite things....the FAB FIVE. This post snowballed quickly from researching 5 different things in all different interest to some online shopping...oops! Which leads me to #1 of the FAB FIVE....


It is part of the GAP, OLD NAVY, BANANA REPUBLIC brand, but is exclusively online and for good reason. It features designer duds of all styles, brands and price range. Most people think it is shoes and handbags only, but no, they have it ALL! I really cannot even imagine how they would do a store front due to the inventory they hold. My favorite thing about this website is trying designers brands I would have never been exposed to otherwise (Tinley Road) and have quickly become my faithful go-to's everytime I need something and don't have time to browse the whole site. Which brings me to #2 of the FAB FIVE (which can all be found on Piperlime):

Tinley Road (affordable and so fun). Here are a couple of my favorite pieces by them:

Espadrilles (fun and functional for moms like me)

#4 Hive and Honey
They created these shoes that look amazing and were comfy for an entire night out  (even though they look like they would hurt after 5 min)

And check out this bracelet!

Finally, #5 of the FAB FIVE (I need a better name for this list because there will be many more....any ideas?)

The BEST thing about Piperlime?

Free shipping and free returns.

I love some online shopping...and this was the #1 reason I gave piperlime a chance for a place in my coveted "favorites" of online shopping sites.
So, happy shopping and remember, when your hubby ask you if that dress hanging in the closet is say, "I've had that for some time now". Some time now, being the subjective term here....for me, "some time now" may mean it just arrived this morning, which technically is some time.

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Summer said...

I want to be an online shopper but it is all so overwhelming for me.