Friday, May 6, 2011


Look at my sweet girls! Just sitting at the art table like angels.

5 seconds later...

Yes, that is Emma, our resident Daredevil. On the brightside Addison seems very worried about her little sister and is reaching out to help her....or, she is trying to keep Emma away from her art project (yep, that is probably more like it). Never a dull moment at the Dales...always on the move!

Disclaimer: Sorry for picture quality...taken from my phone (those kodak moments don't last long!)


Hilary said...


Stacy said...

hahahaha! That's classic! Guess you can never sit down and relax again!

Summer said...

Ma'm, I don't check your blog for a week and then you write 4 posts! Yay-for Dales on the move.